The new camouflage for the Finnish Army’s NH90 helicopters

The Finnish Army or Maavoimat has released pictures of the new camouflages they are testing with their NH90 TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) and their veteran Hughes (now MD Helicopters) 500.

The intent is to minimize the visibility of helicopters when flying over Finland in different seasons and weather conditions. For example, in tactical NH90-TTH transport helicopters, part of the fuselage is painted in a winter scheme, combining white with dark green, which significantly reduces the visual signature when flying low over Nordic forests in winter. . This scheme is very similar to that of the British RAF (Royal Air Force) Vulcan, Jaguar, Harrier, etc. fighter jets when they were deployed in Norway at the end of the century to bolster their NATO ally.

Meanwhile, the H500D and MD500E helicopters are generally painted in matte black colors, which is more suitable for flying over wooded areas in the summer. Along with the new camouflage scheme, these little helicopters are in the process of updating their avionics and presentation in a new cockpit with multifunctional digital displays, which will increase their operational performance. In addition, they will be updated for use with night vision devices, encrypted radios, as well as to improve communication with other helicopters and ground forces, which will give a new impetus to these devices, which entered service in 1999. especially those related to the new screens and facilitating the training of Finnish pilots, another role for the MD500 in view of its later switch to the NH90.

The Maavoimat was one of the first customers of the NH90 TTH. In 2001 he ordered a total of 20 units from the NHI consortium to replace the Russian Mil Mi-8. Delivery began in 2008, although the last unit purchased was not received until June 2015. In addition, the Finnish defense company Patria configured and improved its software up to the so-called FOC (Final Operational Configuration) and provided it with ballistic armor protection. The main task of the Maavoima NH90 is the rapid transport of troops and material across the country as well as other tactical operational tasks in all weather conditions, day and night. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: One of the NH90s from the Maavoimat painted in its new paint scheme, which matches the landscape near the Arctic. (Photo Maavoimat)

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