The new armored recovery cranes from the German Army Noticias

Liebherr has placed an order for 33 armored cranes, which are expressly designed according to the requirements of the German armed forces. The finished batch will consist of 33 G-BKF salvage cranes, while this year the remainder of the contract will be completed which will include 38 G-LTM armored cranes. The delivery of the first 33 cranes had to be completed on November 15th. However, the issues arising from the effects of COVID-19 required a four-week delay in delivery, an appointment agreed with the customer.

These deliveries result from the contract signed in June 2017 with the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Service Support (BAAINBw), which includes the delivery of 71 armored cranes with a recovery capacity of 150 million euros.

The G-BFK salvage crane is the result of the development of a diagram that is specially tailored to the requirements of the Bundeswehr and has a four-axle salvage device with high mobility and excellent maneuverability. It has two winches and a tow hook with which it can retrieve even the heaviest vehicles in use. It also has a 20.9 meter telescopic boom that can lift loads of up to 20 tons. It is an armored vehicle with which heavy Bundeswehr vehicles can be recovered even under the most adverse conditions. The contract included the delivery of technical documents in electronic form (Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation or IETD), in which all documents for maintenance and repair of the crane fleet can be accessed via a tablet. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The G-BFK salvage crane (Liebherr)

One of the G-BFK cranes recovering a heavy truck (Liebherr)

Liebherr also produces 38 G-LTM cranes for Liebherr

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