The Netherlands entrusts the United States to support their Apaches and train their pilots

The U.S. Defense and Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) recently announced the State Department’s approval of a $ 190 million pilot training and logistical support package for the Dutch AH-64 Apache attack helicopters .

This is a noteworthy announcement as it stipulates that the sale of this service through the FMS (Foreign Military Sales) formula will be approved to the Dutch government, which had previously requested assistance for their Air Force’s Apache attack helicopters.

Specifically, it includes a training program, fuel, ground support, facilities, technical documentation, pilot training, assistance in converting AH-64D helicopters to the AH-64E version, staff training, training equipment, assistance with weapons systems and software. Engineering, logistics services, and other related items valued at $ 190 million.

Key to this contract would be the mention included in the notice of the training activities that the Dutch Royal Air Force will be conducting at Fort Hood, Texas, including the American Falcon exercise, which will be used to certify operations in the United States. Foreign nationals of Dutch military units who frequently support operations in which the United States is involved.

The announcement is completed with the usual mentions that this sale supports a key partner in the United States such as the Netherlands, which is also an element of stability and progress in Europe, but indicates that this proposed sale does not include a prime contractor or industrial compensation of any nature or adverse effect on the availability of U.S. Forces. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: A Dutch AH-64D helicopter (Ministry of Defense)

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