The Navy’s new two-seat Harrier already wears the standard camouflage of the ninth squadron of the aircraft flotilla

The Boeing TAV-8B Harrier II two-seater fighter aircraft, recently admitted to the Spanish Navy, is already painted in the standard colors of the ninth squadron of the aircraft flotilla (FLOAN) stationed at the Rota naval base (Cdiz). The device was photographed in its new scheme at the nearby San Pablo (Seville) airport, where it was most likely painted at the Airbus Defense & Space Company’s Manteinance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities.

This is a used two-seater that is being put into reserve by the United States Marine Corps or United States Marine Corps (USMC) as part of the joint Harrier Integrated Supply Support (HISS) program in 2007, in which the Italian Navy and both institutions are involved who are the three current operators of this system as previously discussed by .

The TAV-8B Harrier II was delivered late that year by Marine Attack Training Squadron 203 (VMAT-203), the squadron responsible for conducting the transformation and training of USMC pilots on this model. Off fighter and vertical / short landing or vertical / short takeoff and landing (V / STOL).

Arrived at Rota, it was assembled by technical staff from the 9th Squadron who, after the ground tests prior to its adoption by the Navy, made several flights accredited by the standard painting procedure mentioned above with the dozen Boeing AV-8B plus single-seat aircraft that made it currently used. During this previous process, his basic scheme was a dark gray color that he used while serving with the USMC (Julio Maz Sanz), although he wore the markings and insignia of that FLOAN unit.

Photo: The Navy’s new TAV-8B at Seville Airport, already with its new standard paintwork. (Photo David Alfonso Garcia Muoz)

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