The Navy does not see any naval bloc in the Canary Islands as feasible to stop illegal immigration notices from

Yesterday there was a meeting with the Spanish Navy press known as Meridiana del Admiral Chief of Staff of the Navy (AJEMA) Admiral General Teodoro Lpez Caldern. During the question-and-answer session, questions were raised about the possibility of the Navy building a naval bloc in the Canary Islands, as proposed by the Vox Party this week, to stop the wave of boats.

Faced with this situation, AJEMA clearly stands in two ways: first, it reminds that by definition there is no naval blockade in its own country, and second, it declares that the moral and legal obligation of the navy is to rescue anyone who needs help. in the sea.

Given the possibility that boats were being used as mother ships to use the large number of boats arriving in the Canary Islands, the admiral confirmed that he had no specific data on what they would be used.

Given the possibility that the Navy would participate in another mission similar to the Sentinel, which began in 2006, AJEMA recalled that this mission was intended to rescue the people aboard these boats because the number of shipwrecks that occurred was very high . In this spirit, he also reminded that Salvamento Marimo is fulfilling his mission.

That same week, Vox Political Action Committee spokesman Jorge Buxad insisted on the need to prevent illegal immigration from arriving on the Spanish coasts by asking for naval intervention, claiming the military had the means to do so Regulations complying with national and international legality not to allow the mother boats to approach Spain. With this in mind, he called for the sea blockade of the Canary Islands in the face of what he believed to be a real organized migration invasion. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Rescue of Sola’s high-altitude patrol boat Hunter (Navy)

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