The Navantia turbine plant completes the order for the corvettes of the Royal Saudi Arabian Navy

Up until the commissioning of the future Spanish F-110 frigates, the construction program of the Saudi corvettes was of crucial importance for the work in the Navantia turbine factory in Ferrol (La Corua). The company ceases manufacturing the gearboxes for the corvettes that Navantia is building in the Cdiz Bay shipyards. They will be completed at the San Fernando plant for the Royal Navy of Saudi Arabia.

Navantia Ferrol’s turbine division will begin handing over the reduction boxes of the corvettes that the public group is building for Saudi Arabia on April 14, as confirmed by its director Andrs Cachaza last week. The shipment of the components will be extended until the beginning of next May.

The ninth of ten transmissions for the Saudi Order is currently being tested and consists of five corvettes, each equipped with two engines. This system is an essential element in propulsion as it enables the connection between the engine and the propeller. When that contract ends this year, this Navantia subsidiary will have a workload of 330,000 hours.

The order is part of the contract signed between Spain and Saudi Arabia for the sale of these five corvettes, signed in July 2018, for 1,800 million euros. The Saudi treaty was vital to allow the plant to work during those years that will soon be fully incorporated into the future construction project of 5 F-110 frigates for the Navy. According to the company, the work will focus on the construction in addition to the drive system. The Navantia de Ferrol facilities have been in operation since 1912 and only temporarily paralyzed their work during the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1939. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: Gearbox pin from a gearbox manufactured at the Navantia Turbine plant. (Photo Navantia)

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