The multi-purpose corvette Meko 140 class, P-45 ARA Robinson of the Argentine Navy under major maintenance notes

The Argentine Navy’s multipurpose corvette Meko 140, P-45 ARA Robinson entered the facilities at the Tandanor industrial facility to begin general maintenance. This ship belongs to the Corvettes division of the maritime fleet based in Puerto Belgrano.

These ships were built in the country at AFNE-State Naval Manufacturing Shipyards, now Rio Santiago Shipyards. They have a basic displacement of 1700 tons, a diesel-powered engine and an armament consisting of a 76 mm Oto Melara cannon (now Leonardo), two double 40 mm Breda Bofors cannon towers and four marine rocket launchers . Sea MM38 Exocet, two ASW triple torpedo launchers and 12.7mm machine guns.

Let’s remember the digits:

P-41 ARA spore

P-42 ARA Rosales

P-43 ARA Spiro

P-44 ARA Parker

P-45 ARA Robinson

P-46 ARA Gmez Roca

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