The Moroccan Army continues to modernize its vehicle fleet, now with 300 VLRA 2 (Light Reconnaissance and Support Vehicle)

The Moroccan Army placed a major order for 300 VLRA vehicles with the French company Arquus. As announced by Emmanuel Levacher, CEO of Arquus (a subsidiary of the Volvo Group), it took place at the end of last year. The order is in addition to the order signed by Morocco last year for the purchase of 36 armored Sherpa vehicles in the Light Scout and Light APC versions with the same company. The first type will be equipped with MBDA Mistral 3 missiles. Arquus will also supply Morocco with an unknown number of VAB Mk3 armored personnel carriers.

The VLRA (Lightweight Reconnaissance and Support Vehicle) is a family of light tactical vehicles that share the same four-wheel drive chassis that was specifically designed for military use. The successor to the VLRA 1, of which 12,000 have been sold worldwide, retains the robustness of the latter. The VLRA 2 is a new generation of light tactical all-wheel drive vehicles designed and developed by the French company ACMAT, now part of Arquus, formerly Renault Trucks Defense. The new VLRA 2 TDN-TDE has 60 years of experience in guiding forces in the most difficult of terrain and has advanced technologies. This new range of products retains the ACMAT 100% military concept, which has proven itself in the most extreme environments: lowered frame and welded rigid frame, cold-stamped HEL steel, standardization of components, modularity to support troops, weapons and systems. The new VLRA TDN-TDE meets all tactical and operational requirements of the armed forces and special units with more mobility, payload and protection, as recognized by the army.

The VLRA 2 with a range of 1,400 km and a speed of 110 km and a crew of 2 + 12/19 soldiers can be armed with a 5.56- or 7.62-mm machine gun, which is on a base and a grenade launcher ring (40 mm) mounted is mounted on the front passenger seat if necessary. Various types of weapons can be transported in the rear cargo area. To increase the protection of the VLRA TDN-TDE, a smoke outlet can be installed on the front of the vehicle. (Mohammed Halimi)

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