The modernized American destroyer Arleigh Burke will be stationed in Rota

The United States Navy destroyer USS? Arleigh Burke? (DDG-51) departed Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia on March 26th, heading for Rota Naval Air Base, Cadiz-Spain, where it will be headquartered. We stand in front of the ship that gives its name to the destroyers of its class, of which the US Navy already has 68 units and thus forms the backbone of the escort ships of the world’s leading naval forces.

The USS? Arleigh Burke? It was built in 1991 and at that time it was a master of engineering to be able to integrate the bulky AEGIS combat system Lockheed Martin into a ship with its dimensions of 8,315 tons of displacement and a length of 154 meters. Almost 20 years later, in August 2010, the DDG-51 entered BAE Systems’ ship repair yards in Norfolk, where it underwent a major upgrade, including the update called AEGIS Baseline 9, which allowed it to extend its service life by an additional 40 Years.

When it arrives in Rota, it will join the Destroyer Squadron Sixty 60 or Destroyer Force 60 of the US Navy, which form the instrument of action of the so-called Advanced Naval Defense Policy in Europe or the Forward Deployed Naval Force-Europe (FDNF-E). in favor of the United States European Command or European Command (US EUCOM).

DESRON 60, part of the Sixth Fleet, currently has the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers under its command: USS Ross, USS Roosevelt, USS Porter and USS Donald Cook, which after the relief of DDG-51 has a new base port at Naval Station from Mayport, Florida.

The DDG-51 USS “Arleigh Burke” was one of five ships participating in a compound training exercise, or COMPUTEX, as part of the group’s activation of the amphibious ship of the USS, prior to handover to the Rota Common Usage Base (Spain and the United States) Iwo Jima / 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit or Amphibious Ready Group / 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

The month-long exercise is designed to fully integrate a strike group as a cohesive force with multiple missions and test the group’s ability to conduct sustained combat operations from the sea, the U.S. Navy reported.

Upon completion of COMPTUEX, the USS Arleigh Burke will be certified and ready to perform the full range of maritime operations in any theater? The U.S. Navy spokesman said, referring to improved anti-aircraft, anti-submarine and surface protection capabilities to be used in scenarios to operate with high threat.

The four destroyers on the DESRON 60 also have the SeaRAM Rolling Airframe autonomous missile launch system installed to improve the defense of these destroyers against advanced anti-ship cruise missiles, an electronic warfare suite or an electronic warfare improvement program on the surface (SEWIP) Block II updated. (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photo: The destroyer USS ?? Arleigh Burke ?? (DDG 51) (U.S. Navy Photo, Alan J. Baribeau)

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