The mission of the LSTM satellite, led by Airbus in Spain, to provide temperature measurements is already underway

ESA’s System Requirements Review Board (SRR) for the Copernicus – Land Surface Temperature Mission (LSTM) program has determined that all objectives have been successfully achieved. The review included the space segment (instruments and payloads), its interfaces to the launcher, and interfaces to the ground segment. Three panels conducted the review meeting, including: Satellite and Mission Technology, Payload and Performance, and Product Management and Warranty.

The Board also recognized that there is good coordination between the LSTM and the Copernicus CRISTAL (Polar Ice and Snow Topography Altimeter) mission.

In its conclusions, the Board stated that the technical status of the project had reached a satisfactory level of maturity for the SRR and that the project was in good shape to continue phase B2 activities. The progress of the project and the industry, as well as the large amount of high quality work done by the reviewers, were recognized by the Board with a determination that the SRR was successfully completed.

LSTM (Land Surface Temperature Mission) is the Copernicus mission led by Airbus in Spain, which offers space-time temperature measurements of the earth’s surface day and night worldwide.

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