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23 days after the Polisario Front closed the Guerguerat border post between Morocco and Mauritania, the Moroccan army intervened on Friday morning to open the only highway between Morocco and Mauritania. This is confirmed by the High Command of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) in Morocco in two press releases released on Friday by the official press agency, in which it was stated that “the Royal Armed Forces on the night of Thursday to Friday until a security chain is set up to ensure the flow of goods and people through the Guerguarat area that connects Morocco with Mauritania. “

“After the blockade of the axis of the road that crosses the Guerguarat area between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and the ban on the right of way by the armed Polisario militiamen and the ban on the right of way, the Royal Armed Forces go ahead and obey high orders His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Supreme Chief and Chief of Staff of the FAR, to put in place a chain of security to ensure the flow of goods. This non-objectionable operation is carried out without warlike intent in accordance with clear rules of operation stipulating to avoid and only to avoid any contact with the civilian population resort to the use of weapons in the case of self-defense. “Indicates the same font.

During this operation, the Polisario armed militia opened fire on the Royal Armed Forces, who in turn retaliated and forced the militiamen to flee without any human harm being recorded. After the Polisario militiamen learned of the royal forces’ operation, they voluntarily set fire to the tent camp they had built and, under the gaze of MINURSO monitors (SUV), fled on off-road vehicles and trucks to the east and south mission of the United Nations for the Western Shara referendum), the statement said.

“The El Guerguerat border crossing is now completely secured by installing a security chain that guarantees the flow of goods and people through the passage between the two border posts,” the statement concluded.

Photos taken on the Mauritanian side of the El Guerguerat junction show armed Polisario members set fire to tents and car tires blocking the road between the Moroccan and Mauritanian border posts. Polisario members blocked the road 3 km from the Mauritanian border post. When the road was opened by the Moroccan army, no injuries or deaths were recorded during the Moroccan military operation.

However, the Moroccan news site “le 360” reported that the army was using anti-tank missiles to respond to a Polisario attack with heavy machine guns against a Moroccan military post on the border wall at another location near the Algerian border. However, the authenticity of this report has not yet been verified. Neither party has yet made a statement regarding the occurrence of clashes or deaths within their ranks.

For its part, the Polisario Front has declared that Morocco has broken the ceasefire signed between them some thirty years ago and has started a new war. The Polisario had previously threatened to react if Moroccans, whether military or civil, marched into Guerguerat. The France-Presse agency quoted the Polisario Front foreign minister, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, who claimed on Friday that the Polisario forces were reacting to the Moroccan army. Ould Salek emphasized: The war has started. Morocco has canceled the ceasefire, it is aggression and the Sahrawi armed forces are in a state of self-defense and responding to the Moroccan armed forces.

It is feared that these conditions will escalate into a protracted war and end the ceasefire agreement signed between the two parties in 1991 after the war that began in 1975. The Polisario Front wants self-determination, while Morocco offers autonomy. to the Sahara, and the United Nations has not yet managed to bring the views of both sides together. (Mohmmed Halami, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in North Africa)

Photo: The Polisario voluntarily set fire to the camp they had built

Armed elements of the Polisario militia in a van

Elements of the Polisario militia armed with heavy machine guns

The Polisario voluntarily set fire to the camp they had set up

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