The Mexican Navy is preparing its first two female helicopter pilots –

The Mexican Navy is well on the way to completing its first two helicopter pilots, which it has already authorized to fly its first “solo”. in a Swiss S-333 helicopter belonging to the Naval Aviation School (EAN).

The crew of the Navy Pilot School’s ANX-2428 consists of officers María Isabel Jiménez and Citlalli Nieto, who have passed the crucial stages of the Mobile Wing Naval Aviator Pilot Course, which includes 120 hours of flight training in various stages. The EAN cadets will graduate in 2021 and be trained to operate the Black Hawk AS 565 Panther, H-145, Mi-17 and UH-60M helicopters, the mobile wing material available to the Mexican Navy Secretariat stands. (SEMAR) in its fleet of 140 aircraft, 75 of which are aircraft.

SEMAR published details of this as part of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, highlighting the progress made on the “projection of the female gender”. in its ranks and highlight what naval women have done who will become the institution’s first helicopter pilots in a few months.

With them, another marine woman, Lieutenant of Corvette Olga Ramírez, who has been the first engine chief of a ship in the Mexican Navy since 2019, the logistics support ship ARM BAL-02 ?? Libertador ??. This is considered the third priority position on board the surface units.

The SEMAR points out that one of its aims is to encourage the development of women with small or large steps depending on the perspective from which it is seen and each day the actions it takes, the important and constant Involvement of women who are they one of the pillars in fulfilling their mission?

Regarding Naval Air pilots María Isabel Jiménez and Citlalli Nieto, the Secretariat indicated that next year they will be the first female specialists to command Mobile Wing Units (helicopters) of the Mexican Navy. This is a further step for the female gender by entering SEMAR rooms where the involvement of male staff was previously prevalent. With such actions, with which SEMAR is used against any kind of violence against women, says the Navy.

The agency reminded that both pilots had their first training flight in ?? a few days ago. just ?? Commander of the flight controls of a Naval Aviation School helicopter flying through the air of La Paz, Baja California Sur. Once their objectives are met, the cadets become officers and captains at the naval air bases and squadrons to develop operations in Mexico’s naval zones that are consistent with safeguarding human life at sea and upholding the rule of law.

According to SEMAR, the specialty course as a Mobile Wing Naval Aviator Pilot includes 120 hours of flight in various phases of training, during which the students develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to operate the helicopters of the Mexican Navy in various activities as part of the performance of duties such as the Navy and the Coast Guard; Actions in which officers Jiménez and Nieto commit to their professional goals after completing their training in their assigned naval facilities.

Both pilots started their studies with Module I? Escuela de Tierra? teaching the theoretical subjects of the subject that prepared them for Module II “Air School”, which focuses on flights aboard the Swiss S-333 training helicopter, starting with the subject ?? PRESOLO ??.

At the end of this stage, does the Navy indicate that both the officers and the other students have performed a review flight and, if satisfactory, have advanced to the next level to conduct their first flight? SOLO? (only the student of the specialty, without an instructor on board), the same thing that officers Jiménez and Nieto have successfully done in recent days.

The following topics will focus on developing the various techniques and tactics used aboard the Aeronaval Units of the Mexican Navy, such as: B. tactical flight, mountain flight, flight with NVG night vision devices and formation flight. .

The Navy stated that Naval Mobile Wing Pilot Aviator is the specialty currently being studied by officers Jiménez and Nieto, who were the first women to do so, a fact that undoubtedly marks a turning point in aviation history. Navy and an inspiration for the female gender in the Mexican Navy, shows the secretariat.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Olga Ramírez, Lieutenant, is the chief engineer of the logistics aid ship ARM? Libertador ?, equipped with a crew of 80 elements, of which 11 are women, who take part in the development of the operational commands, contribute to the internal security of the country, protect the Mexican seas and perform the functions appropriate to the institution as the Mexican navy.

Officer Ramírez is the first woman to hold the position of chief engineer in a surface unit of the Mexican Navy, which she feels is not only a sense of pride but also a sense of responsibility as a role model and guide for women. and seafarers, says the secretariat.

The SEMAR emphasized that teamwork is done day in and day out in the surface units, which is why men and women put gender aside to work as specialists in the various industries. (Jorge Alejandro Medellin)

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