The Mexican Navy honors military attachés who complete their missions

The Mexican Navy and Navy Secretariat (SEMAR) has honored eight military, naval and air attachés who completed their missions in Mexico and strengthened military cooperation ties during their stay in the country. In a ceremony at the headquarters of the Mexican Navy, the military attachés received the award for their work in representing the interests of their countries in matters of defense, security, friendship and military cooperation.

They received the “Naval Distinction” award:

Colonel Marco Viera Santana, Brazilian Naval and Air Defense Attaché

Colonel Jess Alberto Gmez Reina, Military and Air Attaché of Colombia;

Navo Captain Edgar Andrade Vallejo, Defense Attaché of Ecuador

Frigate Captain Brent Kenny, Deputy Attaché of the American Coast Guard

Frigate Captain Tyler Ross, United States Naval Attaché of America

Navo Kohei Hagiwaras Lieutenant, Japanese Security Attaché

Colonel Ugur Kuru, Turkish military, naval and air attaché

Lt. Col. Yoon Joo Kim, Defense, Military, Navy and Air Attaché of the Republic of Korea.

The ceremony was presided over by Admiral Csar Carlos Preciado Velzquez, Senior Naval Officer, on behalf of Admiral Jos Rafael Ojeda Durn, Secretary of the Navy and High Command of the Mexican Navy, accompanied by the President of the Association of Military Attachés, Navy and Areos In Mexico, the Colonel attacked the Guatemalan Army, Ivn Sal, lvarez and naval, military and civil authorities.

The award of the decorations was made taking into account the healthy removal and health recommendations for the prevention of Covid-19, SEMAR said. The Secretariat noted that this recognition highlights the important diplomatic work carried out by the military, naval and Areos attachés during their stay in our country, which has strengthened inter-institutional and international relations with their nations.

It has always been of vital importance for Mexico to cultivate and maintain the fraternal relationships that bind it with other nations. This is a great example of what has been achieved, said Admiral Csar Carlos Preciado Velzquez. On behalf of the decorated staff, Colonel Marco Viera Santana, Naval and Air Defense Attaché of Brazil stated that unfortunately a large part of our missions has been affected by the huge Covid-19 health crisis that has limited ceremonies, activity visits and professional meetings and face-to-face meetings, however no solidarity among us military.

The Brazilian Military Command indicated that they had the opportunity to meet a Marine who was ready to face the challenges of today’s world and be true to their ethical and moral values. a Navy with advanced shipbuilding, high-level military training, and strategic projects that claim to improve its results and the pursuit of its national defense objectives.

The Association of Military, Naval and Areos Attachés in Mexico was founded in 1953. In 2012 it became a Civil Association (AC). Military, naval and air attachés from 32 countries are currently grouped together: Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, USA, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan , Lebanon, Panama, Peru, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela and a United Nations Organization (UN) observer.

The President of the Association for this year 2021 is Colonel Ivn Sal Agreda lvarez from Guatemala and the Vice-President is Colonel Jorge Santamara Ballabriga from Spain. (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

Photo: SEMAR.

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