The Mexican Navy and the Peruvian Navy in a anti-submarine exercise

Mexican and Peruvian Navy experts hosted the first joint submarine combat seminar as part of the 200th Anniversary of the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) celebrations, held practically in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The seminar was attended by crews from the Long Range Ocean Patrol (POLA) ARM Jurez 101 and the Missile Launcher Frigate BAP Maritegui FM 54, which took place between April 5th and 7th at the naval headquarters of each surface unit.

SEMAR indicated that this seminar aims to improve the interoperability capabilities between the two armed forces. The main task of the long-range ocean patrol boat ARM JUREZ (POLA-101) is to conduct patrol and surveillance operations in Mexico’s exclusive economic zone. Its length is 107.14 meters, a width of 14.02 meters, a displacement of 2,570 tons, a top speed of 27 knots (50 km / h); Its propulsion is a diesel-mechanical / diesel-electric combination and it has an autonomy of 20 days at sea.

The BAP Maritegui FM-54 is a missile launch frigate that Peru built for its navy. It is one of the eight Lupo-class missile frigates available to the Peruvian Navy in the Pacific Navy. Construction began in 1978 and ended in 1982 at the Industrial Services of the Navy (SIMA) shipyards in the port of Callao, Peru. The deployment was completed by the hand of Peruvian labor and technology at the same shipyard in the port of Callao.

SEMAR pointed out that with this type of binational naval exercise, the Mexican Navy strengthens friendly relations and coordinated work with the Peruvian Navy. She is an institution that works daily in accordance with national and global requirements to ensure the safety of citizens at sea, air and on land. (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

Photos: Long-range ocean patrol boat ARM JUREZ (POLA-101) of the Mexican Navy (Photo / SEMAR)

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