The Mexican Army wants 10,000 women in the military police

The Mexican Army and Air Force opened a new call for more women to join their ranks, this time with the aim of recruiting surgeons and personnel to reinforce the military police, with the aim of reaching 10,000 members in this special body of the armed forces.

To achieve this, the Secretariat for National Defense (SEDENA) has launched a new recruitment campaign to recruit 485 women. It offers 50 seats for surgeons and 435 seats for the military police (PM). With the inclusion of these 435 women in the Prime Minister’s structure, this particular body of the Mexican Army will have nearly 10,000 female members in that part of its operational structure alone.

This corresponds to almost a third of the total number of women SEDENA has, who had 28,231 members in March 2020. This emerges from data presented by Brigadier General Martha Patricia Fernndez Guzmn, director of the Military Specialties Hospital for Women and Neonatology. In figures updated to the first week of April 2021, SEDENA stated that there are 9,039 women in the Military Police Corps and that the appeal launched two weeks ago will reach 9,474 female members, the equivalent of three brigades out of just over three thousand troops.

The growth of women in the ranks of SEDENA was remarkable. Ten years ago the Mexican Army and Air Force had a total of 206,013 members, 195,712 men and 10,301 women. In this universe of SEDENA members, the military police only had 428 women in their ranks. The inclusion of more women, especially in PM, has led to an increase of 2,111 percent in this task force in the last ten years alone.

Regarding the number of female military doctors in SEDENA, the Secretariat also stated that there are currently 664 women in the unit’s health service and that with the expected 50 women joining the ranks, there will be 714 elements in strengthening the structure to combat COVID and others Areas where this is necessary. This is to maintain a balance in gender equality as the Army and Air Force ranks have sponsored the National Guard (GN), which comprises approximately 90 percent of the 15,043 women now part of the company.

According to SEDENA, of the current 244,000 499 elements, at least 16,000 are private private soldiers, more than 3,000 non-commissioned officers and a further 3,000 first and second sergeants. There are currently only four women with the rank of general in the structure of the Mexican Army and Air Force; You are General of the Surgical Brigade Martha Patricia Fernndez Guzmn (Director of the Military Hospital for Women’s Specialties and Neonatology in Mexico City); Brigadier General Surgeon Luz Patricia Gutirrez Daz (Director of the Regional Military Hospital for Specialties in Mrida, Yucatn); Brigadier Surgeon General Olga Lidia Jurez Patio (Technical Deputy Director of the General Directorate of Health in Mexico City) and Brigadier Surgeon General Catalina Martnez Campos (Deputy Director of the Department of Medical Specialties in Mexico City).

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