The Mexican Army and Navy will analyze the difficulties women face in their military careers

The Secretaries of National Defense (SEDENA) and the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) announced the launch of a project to analyze and assess the difficulties women face in advancing their careers in the Mexican armed forces.

The project has been presented to the Secretariat of the Elsie Initiative Fund, administered by UN Women, and members of the Secretariat for Security and Protection of Citizens (SSPC) will also participate, which does not include women in the Army and Army Marine. Reporting on this initiative, SEMAR noted that the Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) and the National Institute for Women (INMUJERES), will benefit from the Elsie Initiative Fund for uniformed women in peace operations.

The Mexican Navy said the project will conduct an assessment of the obstacles faced by women in their careers in the armed forces and in security, as well as their participation in United Nations peacekeeping operations. SEMAR pointed out that after a rigorous selection process, the Elsie Initiative Fund secretary announced his decision to support the project presented by Mexico on February 11 this year.

The aim of the proposal is to identify the barriers preventing greater participation of women in peacekeeping operations and security tasks in order to identify areas of opportunity and improvements in institutional strategies and processes to promote gender equality and the use of uniformed people Women insist in these operations.

According to the Mexican Navy, the project will be carried out during the course of 2021 and will be carried out in collaboration with strategic partners such as the Latin American Defense and Security Network (RESDAL), which will conduct 1,140 surveys at SEDENA, SEMAR and SSPC personnel by the as measurement of opportunities methodology known to women in peacekeeping operations; The University of America, Puebla, will in turn be responsible for collecting and processing the data and submitting a report with the results.

The funds approved by the Fund for the implementation of this project are administered by the United Nations Women’s Office in Mexico. SEMAR added that successful completion of this exercise will enable:

– Improving and / or strengthening institutional policies and processes in favor of gender equality in the armed forces and police.

– Identify and prepare uniformed women who can aspire to leadership positions at United Nations Headquarters.

– Increase the participation of uniformed women in peace operations.

– Strengthening training activities on gender equality and the agenda for women, peace and security.

– Present new projects in future Elsie Initiative calls.

Mexico is the third country to benefit from the above fund, the first in the Latin America region and the second to present an obstacle assessment project based on the methodology established by the Elsie initiative.

This project is in line with the commitment of the participating institutions and Mexico to gender equality, the agenda for women, peace and security and the UN Secretary-General’s Initiative for Peace, added the Mexican Navy. (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

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