The mega-counterterrorism operation that arrested 71 members of the Shining Path in Lima

At dawn last Wednesday, more than 750 employees of the Directorate Against Terrorism (DIRCOTE) and the Department of High Complexity Investigations (DIVIAC) in coordination with the Directorate of Intelligence Services of the Army (DIE) and the Third Prosecutor of the Supra-Provincial Prosecutor’s Office were working 71 members of the Shining Path (SL), the self-proclaimed Communist Party of Peru, captured in Lima as part of the mega-operation Olimpo.

According to the information released, those detained had set up front-line organizations to carry out terrorist activities in Lima and Callao, according to the instructions and slogans of the Shining Path leadership, which are currently being sentenced to prison terms in various penal institutions around the country. The main prisoners include the released members of the Shining Path, Fernando Olrtegui Crispn and Vctor Castillo Mezzich, as well as Evalisa Cano Valencia, a member of the MOVADEF base in Lima, and Carlos Cano Andia, a member of the Eastern Detachment of the Popular Guerrilla Army.

The investigation, which began in mid-2015, revealed that the detainees were involved in the organizations established by the People’s Guerilla Army and the United Front. These units, together with the so-called Communist Party of Peru, consisted of the Historical Central Committee and the Central Committee.The Provisional and National Executive Committees (CEN) of the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (Movadef) complete the current structure of the Shining Path. They point out that Operation Olimpo represents a severe blow to the People’s Guerilla Army, which brings together affiliated organizations such as workers and workers (proletarian ranks), young people (youth movement) and women (daughters of the people’s movement) in the zone departments North, South, East and West with their respective military and political commanders. Their main goal was to fight, mobilize and generate income for the Shining Path through self-help.

Hours later, Minister of the Interior Rubn Vargas Cspedes, accompanied by the Police Commander General, Lieutenant General Cesar Cervantes and the Director of DIRCOTE, General Oscar Arriola, gave an overview of the Olimpo operation and declared: The coup de grace was given to this criminal group that Peru so much Has done harm. It’s a historic day. Eventually this terrorist group was defeated. MOVADEF was liquidated thanks to an impeccable performance by the Peruvian National Police. “This operation is a demonstration of the commitment of the National Police to the defense of democracy and in this way will restore the faith of the population, which was unfortunately overshadowed during the protests (Alejo Marchessini, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Lima).

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