The maritime action ship ?? Furor ?? of the Navy participates in the macroeconomic operation of the European Navy in the Gulf of Guinea-Noticias

As part of the European Union’s “Coordinated Maritime Presence” project, the Maritime Action Vessel (BAM) ?? Furor ?? The Spanish Navy has carried out an intense calendar of exercises and activities with ships from France, Italy and Portugal in the waters of West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea.

Between March 30th and April 1st the ?? Furor ?? (P-46), delivered by Navantia on January 21, 2019, has a combined patrol through the waters of Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria with the Portuguese Offshore Patrol Vessel or Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) ?? Setúbal ?? carried out. This modern Portuguese Marinha patrol boat, also in service in the region, has been used to conduct a series of interoperability and mutual understanding exercises in the field of maritime security.

On April 2nd, Marine Nationale’s amphibious / helicopter carrier “Dixmude” joined forces. (L9015) and the Italian frigate ?? Luigi Rizzo ?? (F595), with which various training exercises were carried out to strengthen the European presence in the Gulf of Guinea. With this training, BAM demonstrates its high performance and its high capacities for use with allied ships to maintain the safety of maritime traffic in a region that is severely affected by piracy and illegal acts at sea.

The “Furor”, which has been in use in the region since March 5th, strengthens its presence in the region and strengthens the visibility of Spain and the Navy towards the allies and the international maritime community. (Julio Maíz Sanz).

Photography: The BAM ?? Furor ?? (left wing) Sailing in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea along the ?? Setúbal ??. (EMAD photo)

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