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As in any organization, logistics play a key role in the organization and operation of the armed forces. In a mobile fleet of immense proportions made up of civil and military vehicles, its operation depends largely on its proper management. For this reason, the Department of Defense is investigating various strategies to optimize vehicle fleets using technologies developed in the civilian sector, in order to ensure their maintenance until they are withdrawn after their service life has expired.

In the case of the Army, the Logistics Support Command (MALE) began in 2015 with a more comprehensive monitoring of the materials throughout their useful life, which could be integrated into the concepts of Army 4.0 and Sustainability 4.0. Modern tools, developed in the civil sector but equally useful in the military environment, allow capacity to be increased with fewer personnel and a smaller logistical footprint.

Cojali’s proposal

Implementing state-of-the-art fleet management tools enables the collection of large amounts of data to which advanced analytical and artificial intelligence models are applied to identify patterns, trends and extrapolated behaviors that enable advances in actual predictive maintenance. without false alarms, which minimizes vehicle downtime. As well as the implementation of predictive logistics and demand analysis mechanisms.

With this in mind, the army already has Jaltest multi-system and multi-brand diagnostic tools from the Spanish company Cojali in its parking and wheeled vehicle maintenance centers, which make it possible to ensure the coverage and maintenance capabilities of the various on-board systems on the site.

Cojali puts its solutions and skills with a high added value for the development of logistic support of the future in the service of defense, based on knowledge of the situation and anticipation of demand, all thanks to the use of new disruptive technologies. The approach to the Army 4.0 concept evaluates all experience gained in the civil sector in order to create an effective and homogeneous Sustain 4.0 model for the various platforms. With the skills, products and solutions that Cojali makes available to defense, the foundations for the logistical support of the future can be laid through:

Predictive maintenance, identifying potential errors before they occur, and setting up maintenance windows based on the information provided by the platform and its history of maintenance operations. Forward-looking logistics, minimizing the logistical footprint and maximizing operational capabilities. and monitoring of platforms and systems. Real-time monitoring of logistics operations to take full advantage of a comprehensive fleet management system with remote diagnostics that lower operating costs by accelerating decision-making, reducing consumption and optimizing maintenance. Diagnosis and reading of electronic control devices on platforms as well as manned and unmanned vehicles.

About Cojali

Cojali is a multinational company with 100% Spanish capital based in Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real) and 30 years of experience in the industrial vehicle sector. The company has its own product, which is fully industrialized and marketed internationally, in which solutions are already being applied in the civil sphere to advance predictive maintenance, needs analysis and intelligent logistics through advanced analysis and artificial intelligence models.

Cojali has one of the most comprehensive data collections for the multibrand and multisystem automotive industry on the market, information gathered in tens of millions of workshop diagnostic sessions, hundreds of millions of telematics items shipped in vehicles with remote diagnosis, and hundreds of thousands of technical support that enables the Contextualization of all information and trains efficient forecast models.

Cojali already values ​​the information gathered, his experience and his analytical and technical skills in the civilian sector. The aim is to transfer all this potential into the world of defense in order to participate in the development of the Army 4.0 concept and to be able to apply new technologies and top-quality products from 100% national and fully industrialized manufacturing, which enable progress on the path to defense Logistic support for the future. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The number of vehicles in the armed forces requires modern tools to ensure their sustainability (Army)

Platform maintenance with the Jaltest diagnostic tool (PCMVR N2)

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