The Lufthansa 747 Boeing will return to Brazil daily in December

Lufthansa is expected to increase the number of flights to Brazil from the beginning of December, according to recent changes to its reservation system, confirmed in this publication by Routes Online.

Today flights on the São Paulo – Frankfurt route were operated on the basis of three weekly flights, which were increased to four from October 27 and to five on November 24. After that, daily flights will be operated on December 1, always with Boeing 747-8I aircraft.

Other flights

RIO DE JANEIRO – Meanwhile, flights from Frankfurt to Rio de Janeiro remain on hold without a confirmed return, although reservations will be open from March 29, 2021.

SÃO PAULO – MUNICH – Likewise, flights from São Paulo to Munich allow tickets to be purchased for late March and beyond, although the company claims the return is not fully confirmed.

The German company was one of the few foreigners to have regular flights to Brazil during the pandemic (we’ll tell you why here on this other matter), with flights from SP to Frankfurt operating with a handful of weekly frequencies.

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