The Logistics Support Group 41 celebrated its 34th anniversary in Zaragoza-Noticias

At the same time as the thirtieth anniversary of the handover of the flag to the group, the central act of XXXIV. The anniversary of the founding of the Logistic Support Group No. 41 (AALOG 41). The Patio de Armas in Zone D of the discontinuous San Jorge base of the old mayor’s barracks of Capitn was the site of a ceremony chaired by General Scar Lamsfus, head of the logistics brigade.

The formation under the command of Captain Alonso Daz consisted of the troop of donors and the war band of the group for logistic support No. 41, the flag of the group and an honors company, which was composed of employees of the supply group I / 41, maintenance group II / 41 and Transport Group III / 41. An emotional moment occurred during the event when the civilian and military personnel who went to reserve in 2019, 2020 and 2021 said goodbye to the flag and put various decorations on the personnel of the unit as well as the presentation of the Captain Mayoral Award to Corporal 1 Isaac Qulez, which recognizes the consistency in this association, which demonstrates his professional competence and commitment to the service.

The above award was launched in 1970 by Colonel Gerardo Mayoral Monforte in memory of Captain Luis Mayoral Massot, Knight Prize Winner of the Royal and Military Order of San Fernando and Individual Military Medal. Prior to the parade, the AALOG 41 leader, Colonel Miguel Echegoyen, addressed those in attendance presenting the group’s most outstanding events over the past two years, highlighting the efforts made to generate, prepare, educate and train them were dedicated to certification of the personnel for the ULOG L / H XXXV (Lebanon), the ULOG / NSE eFP VII (Latvia) and the ULOG / NSE EUTM (Mali) XVIII, whose participation in missions in the operational zone as well as in exercises within the National territory and the professionalism and sacrifice of the personnel under their command were evident in the operations of Balmis and Baluarte, which were a new retro for our unit in particular and for the army in general.

He also had a few words in memory of the unit’s deceased personnel. This month of April, activities related to the anniversary of its creation will be carried out in the barracks in Zaragoza and Sant Boi (Barcelona). AALOG 41 is one of the six groups dependent on the logistics brigade, whose headquarters are also in Zaragoza. Due to the preventive health measures prescribed by the competent authorities and in particular the measures relating to distances and individual protection, only the commissions of the same unit intended for this purpose took part in the event. The corresponding COVID-19 protective measures were also adopted in the various activities that were developed for preparation and implementation.

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