The Leonardo helicopter AW609 (AC4) is entering the final test phase

Leonardo’s fourth AW609 (AC4) helicopter, fully representative of the final production setup, was shipped from Leonardo’s Philadelphia facility, where it was completed on its assembly line, to the port of Genoa, Italy, where it was unloaded and later unloaded to headquarters by Leonardo Helicopters in Cascina Costa di Samarate near Milan / Malpensa airport, where it arrived on March 2nd.

The aircraft is expected to remain there to aid the final testing phase of the program prior to civil certification. By transferring the AC4 to Italy, Leonardo can service representative production aircraft in the USA and Italy, for example the first prototype, the AC1, which is only used for cargo and ground tests. In addition, the AC4 may enable special customer demonstration activities for European operators and other users around the world, performing activities similar to those performed on equipment in the United States, for customers in America and elsewhere. With the transfer of AC4 to Italy, the program is in the next market-oriented phase. Industrialization, customer service and training for the AW609 program will be intensified in Philadelphia with the new training academy and a new hangar for final assembly. (Video: Leonardo)

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