The Legion uses the German MP-7 submachine guns

A photo of the X-Flag legionnaires training? Millán Astray? In densely urbanized areas, it shows how this elite unit of the army uses the small German MP-7 submachine gun.

The X-Flag that is part of the Tercio? Alejandro Farnesio? 4th, and this in turn the brigade? Rey Alfonso XIII? II of the Legion is in the base? Álvarez de Sotomayor ?? (Viator, Almería), in whose facilities this training was carried out in urban areas or in the CBQ (Close Quarters Combat). The Army (ET) reports that it is a Force 2035-related activity. So it could well be an assessment of this submachine gun or personal defense equipment, PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), in view of its widespread use in all ET.

This type of weapon with semi-automatic / automatic fire selector from the German company Heckler & Koch (HK) is already in use with the elite force of the Spanish National Police, the GEO (Special Operations Group), and at the beginning of the year we learned that it was already was used by the MOE (Special Operations Command) of the ET, as we have published exclusively.

This is a small weapon made mostly of polymers, weighs only 1.9 kilograms and is equipped with a 20-round magazine. It has a high rate of fire and can use 20, 30 and 40 round magazines. In addition, this German submachine gun or PDW can be adapted to the well-known Picatinny rails (as we can see in the picture) to mount telescopic sights, laser pointers, flashlights and a silencer.

It fires ammunition of the atypical caliber 4.60 x 30 mm at high speed, which was specially developed for armor perforations or AP (Armor Piercing) and is made of solid copper-coated steel (DM11), alloyed steel jacket (DM21) or consists of lead-core bullets with copper alloy ( Fiocchi FMJ ZP). This type of ammunition and weapons has arisen due to the proliferation of increasingly lighter and highly protective bulletproof vests (which are almost always used by terrorists) that created guns that fired pistol ammunition, mainly 9x19mm, such as the KH MP5 or its more modern UMP variant you would have problems drilling. In response to this situation, HK developed the aforementioned MP-7, which is capable of penetrating these protective systems and others such as Kevlar plates with the aforementioned types of ammunition so that they can neutralize terrorists for good.

This submachine gun is used by several armies and elite security forces, including senior services from Germany, France, Spain, the United States and Italy, as well as out of the curiosity of the discreet Vatican Swiss Guard. (Julio Maíz Sanz) UPDATED TEXT

Photography: An X-Flag Legionnaire? Millán Astray? Swinging an MP-7 submachine gun during a CBQ exercise. (Ground Force photo)

Two legionaries align their weapons, an MP-7 in the background. (Ground Force photo)

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