The LATAM Pass has special offers this month

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The LATAM Pass, the official loyalty program of the LATAM Airlines Group, has exclusive conditions this week. Customers can collect lots of points to enjoy future trips or redeem products with their points.

Check out the following actions:

LATAM Pass Itaucard membership

During the month of November (11/1 to 11/30), customers who purchase the LATAM Pass Itaucard card on the LATAM Pass website can earn up to 30,000 points on the program’s credit card minimum monthly spend.

From the activation of the card (valid until December 15, 2020), customers have up to 30 days to reach the eligible spending target for the bonus. Check the details of each variant below:

Customers who have joined the LATAM Pass Itaucard Black: Earn up to 30,000 points when you add 20,000 points already offered plus 10,000 points from minimum monthly spending on the credit card within the promotional period of R $ 10,000.

Customers who have signed up for LATAM Pass Itaucard Platinum: Earn up to 12,000 points when you add 8,000 points already offered plus 4,000 points from minimum monthly spending on the credit card within the promotional period of R $ 5,000.

Customers who have joined LATAM Pass Itaucard Gold: Earn up to 4,000 points when you add 2,000 points already offered plus 2,000 points from minimum monthly spending on the credit card within the promotional period of R $ 4,000.

Customers who have joined LATAM Pass Itaucard Internacional: Earn 1,000 points with a minimum monthly expenditure of R $ 3,000.

The condition also applies to customers who already have the LATAM Pass Itaucard card. They already have a current offer with a spending limit in the first three months after using your credit card. Check out the details below for the current promotion:

It is important to emphasize that the minimum number of purchases on the LATAM Pass Itaucard for these customers must be concentrated in November.

Note that each variant has exclusive benefits, including the benefits of flying with LATAM Airlines, and that liability on the LATAM Pass Itaucard credit card is subject to Ita├║’s credit analysis. Details about the campaign can be found here

Accumulation of LATAM passpoints and redemption of products with partners

SAMSUNG POINT STORE – You can also collect 10 real points when you buy the Samsung Galaxy S20FE until November 15, 2020. In addition to the accumulation of points, the program, in cooperation with Samsung, also offers a voucher worth R $ 700 for the purchase of new products.

You can find the special conditions here. When purchasing other products, customers collect 2 points per real. More details about the campaign can be found on the partnership website.

Transfer Livelo points

The program still offers up to 45% additional points when Livelo points are transferred to the LATAM Pass. Understand the special bonus offered between programs:

Customers must register in advance on the advertising landing page, which can be accessed here. Occasionally, all customers are offered a total of 35% extra points. Customers who subscribe to the LATAM Pass Club receive an additional 10%, which is 45% of the additional points.

Customers who set up Club Livelo receive a 45% bonus on the Livelo program. You can find the rules here.

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