The largest military ship in Mauritania arrives in the Canary Islands to undergo the maintenance notes

The largest unit of the Mauritanian military navy, the China-built LST landing ship Nimlane, undergoes extensive maintenance in Puerto de la Luz, one of the largest in Spain, on the Las Palmas de Great Canary Islands. This amphibious landing ship or Landing Tank Ship (LST) was commissioned by Mauritania in March 2016 from the Chinese company Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group.

Construction work began in November 2017 and was delivered to the customer in early 2019. The order was a further step towards increasing the Chinese influence in Africa, which in the case of Mauritania aims, among other things, to exploit the rich fishing grounds in their immense form. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which extends from Chinese fishing boats over almost 750 kilometers in the Atlantic .

After more than two years in service, the Mauritanian National Navy had to carry out major maintenance work on the Nimlane. and has decided to commission the service at the relatively nearby ship repair yard that the Spanish company Zamakona has in Puerto de la Luz. It was while he was in the middle of the sandblasting process when identified by the author of the picture, Antonio Rodriguez Santana, who confirmed that the LST had arrived at the naval maintenance facility from the port of Nouadhibou in about 800 kilometers from Las on February 11th Palmas, Gran Canaria, where the main base of the Mauritanian National Navy is located.

In the picture you can see that the new ship, which officially has an official displacement of 1,750 tons, although it is probably higher, has already stripped its hull through the sandblasting process, so for the moment its digit L 981 has disappeared (the L is for landing). You can see the two davits and the auxiliary boats hanging from them. The one on the right is a landing. The flight deck for helicopter take-offs and takeoffs can also be seen aft, although there isn’t a hangar to house them.

Simultaneously with the presence of this LST in the Canary port, it was also seen at a point near the Mauritanian patrol ship Limam el-Hadrami. (P 601), also built in China and delivered to the Mauritanian National Navy in 2002. (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photography: The LST ?? Nimlane ?? in one of the dry docks of the Zamakona company in Puerto de la Luz. (Photo Antonio Rodríguez Santana)

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