The keys to the renewal of the tactical helicopters of the Spanish Navy Noticias

Admiral Teodoro Lpez Caldern, Chief of Staff of the Navy (AJEMA), has pointed out the options that would need to be renewed for the Navy helicopters and indicated that the best option is to have a small number of the Sikorsky SH-60R model during one Flight meetings with the media at the headquarters of the Madrid Army as part of the so-called Meridiana that the institution organizes every year with journalists specializing in defense

During the meeting, the Chief Admiral of the Department of Plans of the General Staff of the Navy (ADIVPLA), Vice Admiral Gonzalo Sanz Alisedo, addressed an exhibition entitled: Challenges and Challenges: Plans in Progress about the Concern and Growth The Average Age of Navy Aircraft was 29 years in 2010 and 34 years in 2020 because the resources were not renewed.

After the Vice Admiral had discovered the ongoing replacement of the SH-3D by the SH-60F, he referred to the necessary renewal of the helicopters SH-60B or Bravo Block I LAMPS III of the 10th FLOAN squadron (flotilla of the aircraft). . The problem (of replacement) is much more complicated with the tactical helicopters SH-60B, which together with the frigates F-80 or F-100 form a unique system, since in a very short time the Spanish Navy will be the single user that out is a serious problem from a logistical point of view. During its replacement, a variant of the NH90 would not be operational until the mid-1930s. In order not to lose the capacity that the Bravo has made available to us until the NH-90 arrives, the Secretary of State (from the Ministry of Defense or the SEDEF) is examining various options, the main aim of which is to buy a limited replacement for it. of course (although I did not quote the model, it is the MH-60R or Romeo) or a modernization of the current SH-60B that has many technological risks that turn into temporary and economic risks.

The AJEMA added to the statements made by Admiral Sanz Alisedo, who asked about the capacity of the anti-submarine helicopters, or ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare), which now relies on the said SH-60B) Spanish NH90, which are naval versions compared to those needed by the Army and Air Force is delayed, although sea transport has already been practically reached and will be received from 2023, which does not mean that it will immediately be put into service and capacity restored, which is why we temporarily have on the SH-60F resorted to.

Although what worries AJEMA most is that the tactical naval version of the NH90, which allows the ASW capabilities to operate in conjunction with the frigates, may be delayed: without these tactical capabilities, we cannot stay 15 years …, We (Navy) We did our calculations, numbers, although the decision is in the hands of SEDEF, it will be cheaper to buy the Romeo than to modernize the Bravo, even if it were a minimal amount, much less than we write off would (a dozen) in order to maintain the capacity and not lose it, which is then very difficult to recover.

Eh MH-60R is a helicopter whose main missions are in addition to the above-mentioned ASW anti-ship defense or ASuW (Anti Surface Warfaew) on the open sea and on the coast. Other missions it can perform are Search and Rescue Services (SAR), Fire Support or NFGS (Naval Gunfire Support), communications relays, cargo and people transportation, and vertical refueling or VERTREP. After the United States, Denmark, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and India, Greece was the sixth country to choose Romeo. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: US Navy Sikorsky MH-60R helicopter. (Photo: Sikorsky)

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