The joint command of the Peruvian Armed Forces confirms the death of No. 2 of the Shining Path in the VRAEM-Noticias

The Joint Command of the Armed Forces (CCFFAA) of Peru confirmed that Jorge Quispe Palomino (a) Raul, the second main command of the Shining Path in the VRAEM, died in late January as a result of wounds sustained during the attack in one of their camps on Jan. October 2020.

According to a testimony and with information gathered by , integrated patrols of the armed forces and the National Police carried out a counter-subversive operation on that day in the Banderita sector of Canayre district (Huanta province, Ayacucho department), in which one Confrontation with criminal terrorists was recorded. During the confrontation, the police received helicopter fire support, while an air strike was carried out on the nearby terrorist camps that affected their facilities.

After the confrontation and according to information from the secret service, it was found that the counter-subversive operation in the Banderita sector caused the subversives 8 victims: 3 dead and 5 seriously injured. It was also revealed that Jorge Quispe Palomino (a) Ral was injured during the attack on the camps. His death, a result of the chronic kidney disease that affected him and made worse by the wounds of the October 29 attack, has been confirmed and hidden from his own cadres to avoid demoralization and other negative effects for the purposes of the terrorist organization. ().

Photography: Jorge Quispe Palomino.

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