The IV TEDAE Cybersecurity Conference is

The IV TEDAE Cybersecurity Conference was closed, attended by relevant experts from the Ministry of Defense, the Civil Guard, the National Police, the Ministry of National Security, INCIBE, CCN and private companies. In two sessions, the more than 250 participants were able to learn from speakers from the administration and the private sector about the challenges of the immediate future with regard to cybersecurity and cyber defense.

Today’s session began with the intervention of Luis Fernando Hernndez Garca, from the Civil Guard Information Office, who shared his thoughts on cyber threats and trends and made sure that while Spain receives cyber attacks, they do not have a very large impact. However, he continues to work on the alert as we have an obligation to respond to the most dangerous hypothesis and be prepared. He also warned that the attack trend for this year is mainly targeting domestic networks and devices, the so-called Internet of Things, and the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Then Rafael Garca Hernndez, commander of the Joint Cyberspace Command stated that the basic goals of cyber defense are to determine if it is being attacked and if the target is of high value. deny, remove the availability of a target or service that the attacker wants; interrupt, for the process of an attack; mitigate, make the attack ineffective preventively and identify and determine the source of the attack. Garca Hernndez has continued to develop the more sophisticated cyber-attack techniques expected in terms of cybersecurity this year 2021, but with the same actors and with the outbreak of the pandemic, has shifted the focus to the pharmaceutical sector.

For his part, Carlos Gajero, Head of the Central Brigade of the General Information Commissioner of the National Police, reiterated that security is everyone’s obligation and that cybersecurity is a clear example of opportunities but also of threats. Gajero summarized the main challenges that we will face in the coming years: disinformation, crime as a service and the decentralization of services in the network. The aim is to further deepen knowledge of these techniques to determine who is positioned in this market and where the threat is occurring. In closing, he affirmed that cybersecurity awareness campaigns and citizen engagement are key for cybersecurity to be seen as a strategic public good.

The speakers then took part in the round table entitled Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense, two sides of the same coin, attended by Mamen Ocaña, Sales Manager at Autek Ingeniería, SL, and Fernando Barbero, Vice President for Security at TEDAE and Project Manager for Defense and Security Indra sistemas. Moderated by Ana Ayerbe Fernández-Cuesta, Director of IT Competitiveness Business Unit at Tecnalia, the participants addressed some interesting topics, such as the challenges of 2021, how companies invest in cybersecurity, the definition of professional profiles that focus on cybersecurity and the difficulty of retaining talent or the role of Spanish industry in Europe.

The President of TEDAE concluded this IV Cybersecurity Conference by finalizing some of the interesting ideas that the speakers had presented during the sessions yesterday and today. First, as part of the move of the DSN, the TEDAE Cybersecurity Committee proposed to the National Cybersecurity Forum to create a new working group on cybersecurity based on public-private collaboration, as it is important to reach a common front before the growing cyberattacks . A collaboration that will help solve the challenge of the growing need for qualified specialists in this field. He also highlighted the speakers’ agreement that Spain is a leader in cyber-attack detection and communication, surpassing what is marked by the EU.

Mart Flux also stressed that the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan is an opportunity that should be seized to consolidate the excellence of our security capabilities in Europe, and that 2021 should be the year we analyze our security strategies and engage Guidelines should orientate. Zerotrust.

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