The Itapemirim Group would like to participate in Brazilian airport concessions

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Yesterday (15) the President of the Itapemirim Group, Sidnei Piva, spoke to Folha de São Paulo about the company’s ambitions in the multimodal transport market. At a certain point, he indicates that he wants to win tenders for airport concessions. This was the same interview in which the businessman revealed his ideal of having Airbus A320 aircraft with 110 seats, which is well below average as we reported yesterday.

When asked about the federal government’s Voo Simples program, which contains a package of measures to reduce bureaucracy in national aviation and was expected here at AEROIN at first hand, Piva spoke about the end of the airport monopoly.

“It is unacceptable to have only three airlines in Brazil and one airport monopoly,” in terms of Azul, GOL and LATAM and then Infraero, which reduces the scope with the concession of the airports that can now make 100% of the toilet initiative.

Journalist Bruna Narcizo da Folha asked if Itapemirim would like airports, and Sydney’s response is emphatic: “We will participate in all airport concessions in the country. We are waiting for the announcements. This project was already in our plans but was postponed by the pandemic. Our project is to create the largest mobility program for people in Brazil. Go from the subway to the plane. It’s a gigantic program. The airline was born with the structure of the largest in the world ”.

The reference to the subway is explained shortly afterwards as Sidnei announces that the company plans to participate in the next deals for the subway in the city of São Paulo and open a digital bank by the end of next month. The bank’s approach was not detailed.

ARAB FUND – In a recent interview with Estadão, another managing director of the group, Rodrigo Vilaça, stated that the funds for ITA Transportes Aéreos would not come from Arab countries. However, in an interview with Folha de São Paulo yesterday, Piva also commented on the matter, saying that all these projects will be feasible with more than R $ 2 billion in funding from funds in the United Arab Emirates. No details were provided about the origin of the resources or the destination within the group.

The next airports to be auctioned by the government include Congonhas, Santos Dumont and Campo de Marte. So far there has been no restriction, so the companies participating in the auction could not be airlines.

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