The Italian Navy adopts the new MBDA Teseo Mk2 / E missile against ships and ground attacks

It has taken the Italian Navy a little over a year to formalize the order for its new anti-ship and ground attack missile, Teseo Mk2 / E, since we announced the plans in February last year. In this way, MBDA will provide the Navy with the new Teseo Evolved Weapon System, or the Mk2 / E missile, based on the experience of the Teseo family but with improved anti-ship capabilities.

This missile could be deployed against ships and targets on the ground at long range with full control throughout the missile’s flight, which would suggest that it is not subject to the use of the Department of Defense controlled GPS navigational network. The rocket has a new mission planning system and a radio frequency seeker, which could be supplemented in the future by a further guidance system based on an electronic scanning radar (EASA) developed between MBDA and Leonardo.

The Teseo Mk2 / E is designed to respond to threats that arise in current scenarios and is the result of the collaboration between the Italian Navy and MBDA over the past three years. Equip the next generation of Italian destroyers (DDX) and replace the previous versions of the missile (Mk2 / A) in the Horizon and FREMM-class frigates. You can also equip the new multi-purpose vessels of the OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel) class (PPA (Pattugliatori Polivalenti)). d / height) is currently in the manufacturing phase.

As we analyzed last year, the introduction of this missile by the Italian Navy would mean the introduction of long-range ground attack capabilities previously only available in the Aeronautica Militare. With this in mind, they decided to develop a ground attack missile suitable for tactical purposes and which will have a range of more than 350 kilometers. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The new Teseo Mk2 / E anti-ship and ground attack missile (MBDA)

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