The Italian Army will equip its infantry squads with more anti-tank capabilities –

The changes observed in recent years in relation to the future deployment scenarios have led the Italian army to influence a transformation of its capabilities that requires the best possible preparation of those who will be the leaders of their smaller units for the introduction of transversal capabilities, such as those of Provide people trained in Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) operation, or commit to some of the concepts promoted by the Fantera Futura project.

In this area of ​​work, its companies are reinforced with collective weapons, including 60mm light mortars, 81mm medium mortars – the Spanish Expal comes in a number of three – 120mm mortars and two firing posts of the Spike MR anti-mortar reintroduced. Tank system. / LR medium and long range. These funds will be very useful when it comes to supporting the platoons – in Spain there will be sections – of which there are three riflemen and one supporting the maneuver in each company.

One of the modifications that is now being emphasized is to increase the offensive potential of infantry squads so that they are more versatile in medium and high intensity combat operations where they rely on a multiple weapon capacity that integrates different systems into the same target.

Each platoon is divided into four rifle squads and one more to aid the maneuver, so organically they consist of eight troops armed with 5.56x45mm Beretta ARX-160 assault rifles and both an 8×8 armored Freccia as well as by two other compact 4×4 Lynx, manned by personnel who are trained for this task.

Each core of eight soldiers is led by a non-commissioned officer and can be divided into two fire teams with different but complementary skills. One of them will be a skilled Markman Rifle (DMR) who has a remarkable neutralizing ability thanks to its 7.62x51mm Beretta ARX-200 semi-automatic rifle that can shoot people 600 meters from its position This includes a rifleman with anti-tank readiness and a multi-purpose Panzerfaust 3 system that can only fire anti-tank ammunition such as anti-bunkers and other special devices. The above two include a rifleman equipped with a 40 x 46 mm GLX-160 single-shot launcher attached to his assault rifle and another with a 5.56 x 45 mm FNH Minimi machine gun, whose weapon is already to be replaced by a similar one. Chamber for 7.62 x 51 mm, which offers more firepower.

The reinforcement of the latter at the level of the Italian trains is counted with 60 mm Hirtenberger light mortars C-210, surveillance and target acquisition elements and Sako TRG-42 precision rifles 8.6 x 70 mm -.338 Lapua Magnum-, a weapon which is replaced by The Scorpion of the Italian Victrix came on the same caliber. The coordinated use of all these weapon systems, to which it is necessary to add the heavy machine guns and 30mm cannons of the vehicles that transport the personnel, is optimal when all types of adversaries are faced and this is the case in different scenarios. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photo: The Italian army has planned to equip its infantry squads with more anti-tank capacity and to rely on systems such as the Panzerfaust 3. (Esercito)

Various state-of-the-art devices are being introduced into the army to improve the infant’s neutralization capacity. (Esercito)

Beretta produces the ARX-160, the now standardized assault rifle, and the GLX-160 grenade launchers, which are attached to its front end. (Esercito)

There are various weapon systems, such as the ARX-200 rifle and the new Minimi, which in turn use the 7.62 x 51 mm caliber, which is more powerful and efficient than the standardized 5.56 x 45 mm caliber. (Esercito)

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