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The first full story of the International Brigades, a bloody episode full of blood and ideals in the fight against fascism.

The Spanish Civil War was the first armed conflict against fascism and a symbol for a whole generation. More than 35,000 volunteers from sixty countries came to defend democracy from the troops of Franco, Hitler and Mussolini.

Disorganized and poorly equipped, but animated by a common illusion and a lust for fame, heterogeneous groups of idealistic youth, men and women, formed a volunteer army, the size of which has never been seen since the Crusades: the International Brigades.

These passionate freedom fighters came from all over Europe, China, Africa and the Americas to join the Republic cause and fight for two years in the bloody battles of Madrid, Jarama and Ebro.

Were they heroes or delusions? Holy or bloodthirsty adventurers? And what exactly did they achieve? This story was told in the books of Orwell, Malraux, and Hemingway, the paintings by Picasso, and the photos of Capa and Taro, but in this masterpiece award-winning historian Giles Tremlett first narrates the events of the Civil War through the experiences of this extraordinary human group .

Drawing on the vast archives of the Moscow Brigades, Comintern documents and countless first-hand testimonies, Tremlett reflects the drama and passion of the heroic efforts to stop fascism in Europe.


Title: The International Brigades

Author: Giles Tremlett

Editorial: Debate

N pages: 728

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