The II / 3 Toledo Protected Infantry Battalion in the Asturcón Lineage I Exercise-Noticias

The II / 3 Toledo Protected Infantry Battalion, belonging to the Prince N3 Infantry Regiment of the Galicia VII Brigade – BRILAT, conducted a large tactical group exercise at the National Training Center “San Gregorio” (CENAD) in Zaragoza.

In order to achieve the highest level of training and cohesion in its units, the battalion carried out various activities divided into two phases, a first in which the Tactical Subgroup-type units carried out their training tasks, and a second phase of integrating all of them when performing a tactical exercise for 42 hours. For this purpose, different units have been added for the exercise. It is noteworthy the presence of BRILAT with the following units: Compaa Contra Carro from the Battalion of Headquarters VII, a company of the Battalion of Pioneers VII, a battery of Group of Artillery VII, the UAV team – Raven of the Battalion of the Headquarters and various supports from the Grupo Logstico VII.

Added to this was the participation of an electronic warfare team from the 31st Electronic Warfare Regiment and support from the BHELA I Attack Helicopter Battalion during the beta phase. In developing the maneuvers, real fire exercises were carried out at all levels and various types of weapons were integrated, such as the use of mortars, the launching of anti-tank missiles (Spike) and portable grenade launchers (C-100 and C- 90) or vehicle (LAG- 40).

At the end of this exercise, the “Toledo” battalion carried out its own assessment of the skills that had been trained through a tactical exercise in which all participating actors were integrated. In this way, the battalion achieves a high level of instruction and training and is ready to perform the tasks required for it.

Photo: team of precision shooters.

Fight in urban areas

Construction of a buried command post

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