The historical legacy of the Spanish Air Force is revealed in Madrid

The Plaza de la Latina in Madrid is the site of the exhibition “Flying, the Story of an Adventure” organized by the Air Force and featuring two old aircraft: a Northorp / CASA F-5A fighter and a legendary trainer / light attack T. – 6D ?? Texan ??. (Photos Rubén Galindo and Julio Maíz)

In the Plaza de la Latina you will see two Air Force planes

The excellently preserved Northorp / CASA F-5A.

The T-6D on display belongs to the travel collection of the Museo de Aeronautica and the Astronautica de Cuatro Vientos.

Detail of the cockpit of the North American T-6D ?? Texan ??, registered as C.6-124 421-25.

The F-5A wears the tactical camouflage it used when deployed on the 21st Wing. It’s a shame that the pitot tube is missing.

Rear view of the F-5A ?? Freedom Fighter ?? and the performance of its two General Electric J85 turbojet engines.

View from the height of the T-6D “Texan”, which served as an attack aircraft in North Africa, hence the Spanish name C.6.

The exposed F-5A wears the camouflage known as the “lizard”.

The T-6D ?? Texan ?? It was powered by a reliable Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp radial motor.

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