The head of the Uruguayan Air Force confirms his satisfaction with the Hercules KC 130H and analyzes the challenges of the Force-Noticias

The Commander in Chief of the Uruguayan Air Force, Air General Luis de Len, in commemoration of the 108th Anniversary of Military Aviation and Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) Day in the 2nd Brigade of the Air Force Department Durazno, highlighted the challenges – largely unexpected – to whom the institution faced in 2020 from an operational point of view, large and significant missions have been developed, such as compliance with the border law, health and organ transfers, support to the Ministry of Interior of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the transportation of hundreds of stranded overseas Coordinates and carries out citizens, the Ministry of Health supports, among other things, the transport of sanitary material during the transport of sanitary material.

Regarding the acquisition of the two KC-130H aircraft, formerly owned by the Spanish Air Force, he stated that the armed forces’ strategic and technological capabilities had increased significantly. Also name some of the challenges that FAU is facing: planning and maintaining the air defense in accordance with the recently approved regulations, consolidating the comprehensive education system for armed forces, civilians and the military, supporting DINACIA activities for the development of national civil aviation important part of the Air Force Reserve, the restructuring of the infrastructure and the initiation of the restructuring of the armed forces with the support of the Ministry of Defense, the improvement of the well-being of the subordinate personnel, the optimization of the management of the operational security in order to improve its standards, the strengthening of the spatial concept within and outside the armed forces to issue a national ordinance and thus have better control over these activities in accordance with international requirements.

Regarding operational safety, he stated that this is a fundamental institutional value in order to protect the most valuable asset, his human resources. We intend to implement an exemplary safety management system that takes into account best practices and compliance with all applicable regulations. This will depend on the development of a culture of operational safety, which is an essential ongoing training on the matter, added De Len, thanking and appreciating the high level of professionalism of its members, who tacitly and with a high sense of duty achieve the best possible results .

Regarding Uruguay’s presence in Antarctica, this year highlights the first direct flight in support of the Antrtica Artigas Scientific Base, which operates the new KC-130H and thus contributes to the fulfillment of one of the country’s strategic goals, he explained. Hours before the event, the aircraft flew in formation almost all of Uruguay and even practiced tank maneuvers with A-37B fighters over Durazno and the Escuela Militar de Aeronutica (Pando). Regarding the educational aspect, he highlighted that in 2020 the first graduates of the Military Aviation School would be admitted, which initiated the tertiary recognition of the training of Air Force officers. (Javier Bonilla)

Photo: Uruguayan Air Force KC-130H.

Law on the 108th Anniversary of Military Aviation and Uruguayan Air Force Day.

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