The harvest festival

In November 1943, 18,000 civilians were executed in the Majdanek death camp, Poland; the largest slaughter orchestrated by the Nazis in a single day during World War II. The Germans called the operation a harvest festival. The residents of the nearby city of Lublin learned that something terrible had happened when the nearby streams turned red.

The piece, which is based on real events, runs through various locations in occupied Poland. A Spanish soldier who was forced to fight and who had an intense love story with a nurse from the hospital where he was being treated for his wounds. together they will flee the war, leaving behind gray men and women, murderers with primitive instincts capable of anything.

A work that is not suitable for all viewers and is laden with the experiences of victims and executioners was narrated with great intensity.

Brigida the damned, Cristian the bloodthirsty, Amionek the angels of death, Diablo and his harp are just a few of the gray men and women who populate the pages of the novel.


Title: The Harvest Festival

Author: Pedro Villanueva

Editor: Comodn

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