The future logistics base of the army, an opportunity for industry experts

Logistics has proven to be a fundamental aspect of keeping military structures active, especially in combat conditions where units need to obtain new supplies and see their teams stay active despite suffered failures. This need, which has been juxtaposed in various conflicts, prompted the Spanish Army (ET) a few years ago to consider a future program that would be a fundamental pillar for achieving the required goals within the Armed Forces in 2035.

Studies have been carried out that we will talk about and it has been defined that this installation will require no less than 300 million euros, although it is already clear that the investment can affect future costs that make it particularly profitable. Likewise, this centralized maintenance facility, for the location of which there are already various municipalities that have offered land, is expected to have a useful life of between 40 and 50 years, a particularly long period of time that will have a positive impact on the land Cost-benefit efforts.

As far as we know, Isdefe has been entrusted with a number of analyzes and evaluations, which have been intense and lengthy, and of which we already have some initial conclusions that we will explain to you. In any case, make it clear that while the asset procurement leadership will come from the ET’s Logistics Support Command (MALE), there is a plan to seek collaboration and public funding for both funding, operation and maintenance put. Private sector where the participation of various actors will be central, including the Ministry of Defense itself and other public administrations and companies.

The logistics base will benefit from advances in the civilian environment on issues such as maintenance and supply, technologies applied to the military to achieve both the necessary future digital transformation and sustainability that must impact the technologies and devices that are used today may end up being out of date. The idea is that the facility, which is unique and replaces many others currently engaged in the maintenance and repair of various weapon systems, will focus its activities on supporting Fuerza 2035, although it could be used by other Spanish military zones and even Allied countries.

They have been defined, claiming that the ET will always retain a set of strategic capabilities that will be required with the resources used in the civilian setting today, although appropriately adapted to the military world. The multi-area and multi-building work environment organized to achieve the best synergies and impact the highest levels of profitability will benefit from tools that improve aspects such as task scheduling, inventory control, elimination of unproductive work and equipment, self-diagnosis to maintain highly aware weapons systems, integration additive manufacturing technologies into the ET supply chain, etc. Interestingly, the extensive use of robotics and autonomous transportation is envisaged, with mobility modules sufficient to move a Leopard Main Battle Tank from one workplace to another on its own. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photo: Future combat brigades, which are derived from Force 2035, must be characterized by a high degree of operational capability, which requires maintenance work. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

The current ET maintenance centers like this one in Segovia will be replaced by a very advanced central logistics base. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

The need for a public-private financing model was assessed for both operation and construction. (III Forum 2E + I)

By centrally addressing the warehouse and various workplaces, a better synergy is achieved between economic expenditure and final profitability. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Isdefe has been working on the concept for a number of years and has drawn interesting conclusions, such as the fact that civil technologies with dual application in this base will be essential. (III Forum 2E + I)

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