The frigate “Admiral Kasatonov” of the Russian Navy sails from the Mediterranean to the Barents Sea, accompanied by NATO ships-Noticias

The most modern escort of the Navy of the Russian Federation, “Admiral Kasatonov”, sailed for almost four days on the borders of the territorial waters of Spain on its long voyage from the warm Mediterranean to the Arctic of Barents. Delivered on July 21, 2020 after completing her first long-distance cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, she is already sailing on her way to her base port Severomorsk, the main base of the Russian Navy’s northern fleet, always through the Atlantic followed by NATO ships.

From Gibraltar it was photographed with the rescue tug Nikolay Chiker and the tanker Vyazma, later the naval formation, led by the above ship, which is the second of the Admiral Gorshkov class or Project 22350, heading north and forward the east sails coast of the Iberian Peninsula. During this voyage, they were monitored at all times by the Spanish Naval Command of the Defense Staff (EMAD) in Cartagena, the main element of which is the Navy’s Naval Operations and Monitoring Center (COVAM).

The Spanish surveillance lasted until April 4, the date the Russian formation entered the French area of ​​responsibility in the Bay of Biscay en route to the aforementioned Nordic base of the Russian Navy near Norway, whose naval air units do so Perform the final phase of follow-up.

Last January, “Admiral Kasatonov” made the trip in the opposite direction after leaving Severomorsk on December 30th. During the quarter it has traveled around 17,000 nautical miles and visited ports in Algeria, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Syria and Turkey. During his stay in the Mediterranean, he concentrated on training in anti-submarine defense or anti-submarine combat (ASW), making use of the important skills that acoustic torpedoes also offer him with the latest generation of packet NK. complemented by the Kamov Ka-27PL helicopter that he has on board.

The ship, which changed its hull number from the 431 it used during the tests, has performed several tank maneuvers at sea from the Russian Federation tankers that regularly sail the Mediterranean for the 461. It has also carried out surveillance of various NATO naval units, such as the French amphibious ship Tonnerre (L9014) and, back in March, the US Navy aircraft carrier group USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) while maneuvers were being carried out with Navy air units of the Greek Armed Forces (FAS). (Julio Maz Sanz).

Photo: The frigate “Admiral Kasatonov” with her new hull number 461. (Photo: Ministry of Defense of Russia)

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