The French Army purchases new O-NYX binoculars from Thales-Noticias

The French Army has placed a new order for 3,000 O-NYX binoculars from Thales through the Armaments Department (DGA). They will be delivered in 2021 to be used among the various units of the Gallic Army and will be added to another 3,500 that have already been delivered earlier.

The O-NYX binoculars, a lightweight and efficient night vision device, are manufactured at the Saint-Hand plant, which is dedicated to manufacturing optronics and electronics for the company. They have a compact and patented design and weigh less than 350 g. They have been dimensioned to reduce the distance between the eyes and the center of gravity of the device, improving the comfort of the user during prolonged use. They are comfortable and easy to use, and offer significant improvements in terms of optical performance.

The field of view of 51 expands the observable space by 70% compared to traditional devices. This offers the user better perception and assessment of the situation. Thanks to their low consumption, they benefit from a duration of 40 hours on a single charge, but can also be operated with standard AA batteries if necessary. As a partner of Thales, Photonix has also significantly improved the image intensifier tubes for the French program O-NYX and worked with the DGA together with the Gallic Army. always to validate the latest generation of 4G tube technology, which increases optical performance by up to 60% compared to existing solutions.

With 80 years of experience in optics and more than 110,000 night vision binoculars around the world, Thales continues to improve the military’s perception in operations where missions require night vision. (Antonio Ros Pau)

Photo: (Thales): The French army commissions Thales with a new order for O-NYX night vision systems.

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