The former president of the Mexico Aerospace Fair (FAMEX) passes away

The Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) announced the death of General de Ala Rodolfo Rodrguez Quezada, who from its planning in May 2014 in its first edition in 2015 and until its third appearance, has chaired the organization of the Mexico Aerospace Fair (FAMEX ) held in 2019 when he had to quit because of health problems.

General Rodrguez Quezada passed control of FAMEX to General Csar Tapia Jimnez on April 27, although he had already said goodbye to Secretary of Defense General Luis Cresencio Sandoval in a letter to subordinates and other commanders of the Mexican Air Force (FAM) on April 16 his confidence in the position.

Rodrguez Quezada had been appointed commander of the No. 19 Military Air Base (BAM-19) at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) in October 2020 when this air force unit was established in the facilities of the Special Unit Aviation of the High Command (UETAAM), which serves the disbanded General Staff of the President (EMP) belonged.

SEDENA confirmed the general’s death, indicating that he was in poor health and had been admitted to the Central Military Hospital, where his situation was constantly reported to the High Command of the Military.

Until April 16, Rodrguez Quezada was President of FAMEX, an organization founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting Mexico in economic development in the national aviation sector. General Rodrguez Quezada announced the transfer of the presidency of FAMEX to General Csar to Tapia Jimnez, who took command of the organization of the fair, which was held at the BAM-1 facilities in Santa Luca, and now due to the construction of the Felipe ngeles international airport (AIFA) relocated its headquarters to Quertaro International Airport (AIQ). .

On April 27, the day he handed over the presidency of FAMEX, General Rodrguez Quezada posted a farewell message on social media announcing that on April 16, he would leave the position entrusted to him in May 2014 and take the reins the mass at General Tapia Jimnez.

Quezada pointed out that from the moment he was entrusted with organizing the first edition of FAMEX, he worked with all professionalism to bring to life a worthy event that represented the world’s potential, talent and organizational Skills of Mexicans would bring closer. to bring our country to the best places and aviation reflectors in the world. The big challenge, I wrote, began in May 2014 when every member of the aviation sector was invited to participate with SEDENA’s vision to promote Mexico in a single direction. In a brief report of the achievements, the General recalled the spaces and cooperation achieved at aerospace fairs such as Chile, Russia, China, Germany, Colombia, Brazil and Indonesia, where FAMEX is the progress of Mexican aerospace and Space industry promoted.

I say goodbye to you, he said, in the hope that our paths will cross again in the near future in order to continue to share the passion of serving Mexico through its projects and initiatives that benefit the development of the national aerospace industry come. Thank you and see you soon!

The Mexico Aerospace Exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Defense through the Mexican Air Force, began its journey in 2015 and was born as an initiative to promote Mexico in economic development in the national aviation sector, late General of the PADEMA wing Rodolfo Rodrguez Quezada, President of the Organizing Committee . (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

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