The first women to command aircraft in the Mexican Navy

The Mexican Navy announced that by next year it will have the first two mobile wing pilots in the institution’s history, taking a transcendental step not only in the training of aviation personnel but also in promoting gender equality and use of skills of the female staff in their ranks.

Aviator pilots, aero-medical nursing and evacuation personnel, and ground support personnel are part of the universe in which some of the 12,144 women currently integrated in the Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico (SEMAR) develop and work. . The officers who are continuing their preparation and who will complete the five-year course at the Naval Aviation School (EAN) in a few months are María Isabel Jimnez and Citlalli Nieto, who will become helicopter pilots in the Mexican Navy and will be able to fly material such as the Mi-17, the UH-60M Black Hawk or the AS 565 Panther or the Navy H-225.

These two officers are now part of the XLIII generation of naval mobile wing air pilots who were trained with the EAN and began operations in 1943 in La Paz, Baja California Sur. They will soon be joining the fixed-wing pilots of the King Air 350 turboprops, who act as ambulances, patrolling Mexican waters for maritime security and strategic surveillance to support tactical drug trafficking operations. Corvette Lieutenant Cindy Jazmn Susana Piedra Martnez, who graduated from EAN in 2016 and belongs to Naval Air Squadron 813 in Tapachula, Chiapas, in southeast Mexico on the border with Guatemala, belongs to this select group of female naval pilots.

Lieutenant Cindy graduated with six other Navy pilots serving on the institution’s squadrons. Ingeniara Aeronaval-Piloto Aeronaval’s career is one of five offered by the Heroica Naval Militar School (HENM) Antn Lizardo to the Mexican Navy. The other careers are Ship Systems Engineer (General Corps), Hydrography Engineer (Infantera de Marina), Ship Mechanic, Electronics and Ship Communications Engineer, and Logistics for men and women.

All have a duration of 10 semesters. In the third year of the career, the cadets must choose the specialty they wish to pursue in the different schools. The Pilot Aviator is included in the EAN of La Paz, Baja California. Lieutenant Cindy and her companions are from the first generation of women in the Naval Aeronautical Corps (CAN) of the Mexican Navy. In this dynamic of integration and gender equality, more women in various areas have joined the CAN. Navos Lieutenant Mariana Sánchez González is a member of the Aerospace Medicine Department of the Mexican Navy. He is a marine surgeon and flight physician at the Naval Institute of Aerospace Medicine and a medical emergencies technician with the Mexican Red Cross.

Before joining SEMAR, Lieutenant Mariana Snchez was the head of the plumbing division of the search and rescue team in Michoacn state. In the Secretariat, she was Head of the Department of Aerospace Medicine of the General Staff (EMG) and General Coordinator of Naval Aviation in the Mexican Navy.

Another Navy promoted member is Lt. Lakhvir Singh Ortega, an aviation nurse with the United States Air Force. The lieutenant is assigned to the General Coordination of Naval Aviation of the Secretariat of the Navy.

Lieutenant Lakhvir was a nurse in the high command squadron of the Mexico City Naval Air Base. She is a general nurse, air ambulance management and tactical nurse specialist in organisms, universities and institutes such as the Mexican Red Cross and the Autonomous University of Baja California, the Wright Patterson School of Aerospace Medicine of the Air Force in Ohio, USA, and the Naval Hospital from Tamaulipas.

The King Air 350, in which Lieutenant Lakhvir Singh works, is piloted by Lieutenant Sofa Teresa Flores Vzquez, whose co-pilot is Lieutenant Susana Vzquez Garca. Corporal Leslie Pineda Ortiz, aviation mechanic, flies with them. You are responsible for the transfer of patients to assist the civilian population in disaster situations and areas as well as in medical emergencies.

And by 2021, the Navy will have its first two helicopter pilots when officers Mara Isabel Jimnez and Citlalli Nieto graduate from Naval Aviation School as naval wing pilots and fly aircraft such as the AS 565 Panther, H-145, Mi, -17 and UH-60M Black Hawk, the material that the Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico (SEMAR) has in its fleet, which includes 140 aircraft, of which 75 are aircraft. To date, SEMAR has 13 female officers serving the King Air 350, Zlin Z-243 and S-333 Schweizer aircraft. (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

Photo: Female crew of the SEMAR King Air 350.

Corporal Leslie Pineda Ortiz, naval aircraft mechanic.

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