The first series-produced Su-57 will be delivered to Russia in December

SU-57 fighters from Russia- Photo: © Sergei Savostianov / TASS

The Russian Defense Ministry will receive the first mass-produced fifth-generation Su-57 fighter in December, a defense industry source told TASS on Monday.

The Department of Defense will receive the first Su-57 in series with the first engine in a single day of military production this December, and four more aircraft in 2021, “the source said.

Launch of a SU-57. Photo-reproduction / UAC

The delivery rate for the new fighter will increase to 15 aircraft per year for Russian aerospace forces.

“As a result, the contract signed in 2019 for 76 Su-57s will definitely be fulfilled on time by 2028,” the source said.

“The delivery of Su-57 fighters with a second stage engine is scheduled to begin in 2022,” the source added.

The SU-57 is a 5th generation fighter that made its maiden flight in January 2010. The Russian fighter competes against the North American F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Join Striker.

One of its differences is the vectorized thrusters in the shape of something known to Russian fighters, like the SU-27, SU-30, and SU-35.

Support Source: TASS / Adaptations: Aeroflap

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