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The first pictures of the MiG-29 M2 for the Algerian Air Force were taken during flight tests in Lukhovitsy, Russia, with the number FB 99. The Lukhovitsy aircraft production and test complex includes a test flight facility and is used by the aircraft produced by MIG. In 2018 the takeover of the MIG-29M / M2 by Algeria was announced. 14 fighters (10 Mig-29M and 4 Mig-29M2) are supposed to join the third air defense squadron from the Bosfer air force base in Orn. Will be put into service near the border with Morocco.

According to the Algerian Menadefense blog late last year, the first MIG-29M / M2 fighters had been delivered to the Algerian Air Force at the Bousfer Air Force Base in Orn and posted a photo of a MIG-29. Given the new information, we cannot check whether it was the new MIG-29M / M2 at the time or whether it was a MIG-29S / UB.

The new MIG-29M / M2 fighters have many advantages over previous versions, for example the Egyptian version has laser warning systems and missile warning systems as well as a smaller equivalent radar section (RCS). This is a very important development of the MIG-29 fighter, in which the structure of the aircraft has been improved to increase maneuverability and reduce the cost of flight hours. The MIG-29M / M2 can also be upgraded in the medium term by installing the Zhuk-MAE surveillance radar, which uses electronic scanning technology (AESA).

Algeria has been a user of MIG fighters since 1999 when it received the first MIG-29 fighter from Belarus. Subsequently, it received several fighter planes of the same model from three countries such as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, which is the equivalent of 56 aircraft, the last of which was received in 2005. Given the limited budget and age of some aircraft, the losses started last year, the same year 1999 that they entered service. Between that date and 2012, 9 MIG-29s were lost, and since then most of the MIG-29 fighter aircraft fleet has been retired, with fewer than 30 in service.

However, Algeria relies on the MIG-29 to intercept the air as the take-off time for takeoff is very short, unlike heavier fighters like the SU-30, which takes around 20 minutes. MIG-29 fighters currently serve in Squadrons 193/143/113/153 of the 3rd Air Defense Wing and are deployed at various air force bases, including Bousfer, Ouarghla and Bechar.

Rosoboronexport signed a $ 1.28 billion contract for 28 MIG-29SMTs and six MIG-29UB fighters in March 2006, coinciding with the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Algeria. This treaty was part of a series of military-technological cooperation agreements with Algeria totaling approximately $ 8,000 million, for which Russia agreed to cancel Algeria’s debt to the former USSR (approximately $ 4,700 million). This was the first time MIG Corp. Delivered aircraft with an exchange program. After the delivery of new aircraft, the MIG-29SMT / UB models purchased by Belarus and Ukraine in the 1990s and purchased by Algeria were returned to MIG.

The plane was supposed to have been delivered between March 2007 and February 2008, but Algeria refused to deliver the plane after May 2007 and requested the return of the first 15 fighter jets delivered. Algeria reported the presence of worn or inferior parts on the aircraft. The 15 MIG-29s delivered between December 2006 and May 2007 were brought back to Russia and have been in service with the Russian Air Force since 2009. (Mohammed Halimi, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in North Africa)

Photo: The first of the MIG-29 for Algeria (Yuri Yudaev)

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