The first F-35 for the Danish Air Force

The takeover of the F-35A fighter by the Danish Air Force, or Flyvevbnet, took a significant step after the presentation of the first of the 26 aircraft ordered in the colors of that country at the Lockheed Martin factory where it was built … On the vertical one Stabilizer you can see the national flag with its original red and white colors rather than the usual low visibility colors that F-35s wear in other countries’ air forces.

The first Danish F-35 with the tail number L-001 was painted for the first time in the traditional gray paintwork with low visibility that is usual for this fighter aircraft. It’s a long process that takes about four weeks as you have to paint multiple layers and each of them has to be 100% smooth and without the slightest contamination, explained a spokesman for Forsvaret. This colorless symbol with little visibility was chosen to be easily recognizable among the F-35s of other countries and to indicate its belonging to the entire Danish nation, said the chief of staff of the command of the Flyvevbnet, General Jan. Dam. It is made clear by the ministry that this decoration does not affect their stealth capabilities at all, both prior to possible detection by radar and visually.

Before shipping to Flyvevbnet, the L-001 undergoes a long series of ground tests to ensure that all of its systems are working as agreed. Finally, four test flights will be conducted from the Fort Worth, Texas factory airfield. The first two will be run by Lockheed Martin test pilots, while the others will be taken over by the United States Air Force, which is ultimately Flyvevbnet’s systems provider.

If everything goes according to plan, the L-001 will be officially brought to Denmark on April 7th and the aircraft will be immediately taken to Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, where it will be used for the training of the airline’s pilots and mechanics immediately afterwards. the Flyvevbnet. Like other users, the Danes will form an embryonic unit on this basis, so the first F-35 will not arrive in Denmark until 2023, where it will operate from the Skrydstrup Air Force Base. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: The Royal Danish Air Force’s first F-35A in a hangar in Fort Worth. (Photo: Royal Danish Air Force).

Another picture of the first F-35A in there where you can see it doesn’t have bad visibility markings.

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