The first Airbus A340 from TAP Air Portugal is already being dismantled

The first Airbus A340 from TAP is already being dismantled at an airport in the Spanish desert zone. This ends an era of quadruplets in the colors of the Portuguese national society.

The A340 model was considered to be one of the most modern and modern long-haul aircraft in the early 1990s and represented a new way of traveling for the Portuguese. The business class seats, seats that made passengers feel at home, and the bar were remarkable with exclusive service and the individual entertainment system that made it possible to select multiple video and audio channels, a great innovation for the time.

At the time, the airline added four Airbus A340s to its fleet, allowing it to explore new markets and add to its multi-city offerings and adapt its business strategy to meet the challenges of an increasingly demanding market.

The first with CS-TOA registration arrived in December 1994 and was named
Fernão Mendes Pinto in honor of the Portuguese Jesuit researcher. When they arrived the plane was in the old TAP colors with the classic red and green stripes across the fuselage.

Now the A340 has no engines, only the fairings for the propulsion system are left, and it is being gradually dismantled in Teruel in Aragon, Spain, as shown by a recording by spotter William Musculus.

Teruel Airport is located in a desert region with low humidity, ideal for the maintenance of aircraft and their components. It’s a common destination for aircraft that are retiring or awaiting a new home.

Not far from CS-TOA is CS-TOD, the last of the four A340s received. This one is also without engines, but in the photo above there is no one around doing any work. The Portuguese company’s other two A340s are also in Teruel, but their condition is unknown.

The last regular flight of these legendary TAP quads was to Brazil.

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