The fighting on the border with Colombia between the National Armed Forces of Venezuela and the FARC EP-Noticias is increasing

Since the early hours of March 23, the escalation of armed clashes between the 10th Dissident Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC EP) and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces of Venezuela (FANB) has continued around the area of ​​La Victoria in the state Apure, which borders the Arauca department of the Republic of Colombia.

These new battles, which are being waged in southern Venezuela, are part of the armed response that the FARC-EP 10th Front is conducting in response to Operation Lanceros de Apure, held last Sunday March 21 by the Bolivarian Strategic Operational Command National Armed Forces of Venezuela (CEOFANB), which led to the attack on the military and public infrastructures of the Venezuelan state without the sides of the fight yet reporting casualties.

As of Wednesday the 24th, up to eight combat zones were designated around the city of La Victoria, while residents of the zone were hit by strong confrontations through various social networks after Colombian subversive groups cut power to the area in hours on Tomorrow, which preceded the explosives attack on the offices of the subaltern customs of Victoria, along with a post of the Bolivarian National Guard, continued actions of harassment with rifle and mortar fire against a military barracks and the camp at a Caribbean battalion of the Bolivarian Army it is unknown if there was more damage or how many elements on both sides became active in combat.

Meanwhile, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicols Maduro Moros, rejected the Colombian Foreign Ministry’s official statement on Tuesday evening expressing his concern over the confrontations between the Venezuelan military and a group of FARC dissidents since last Performed Sunday in the La Victoria area, Apure state.

On the other hand, the director of the Orinoqua Regional of Migration Colombia, Loida Nieves, told the media on the same day that thousands of citizens living in the combat areas had entered Colombia despite the border closure for the sectors known as Barrio Santo, Finca Don Ramn, El Troncal, the Carretero district, Bocas del Juju, Alcaravn and the village of Campo Alegre to the municipality of Arauquita as a result of the military operations carried out. On the night of Thursday March 26th, Migracin Colombia counted 3,961 (521 are Colombians living in Venezuela) people who will be part of more than 780 family cores and who will be distributed among eight accommodations prepared by the Colombian authorities.

Likewise, Brigadier General Mauricio Jos Zabala Cardona, Commander of the 8th Division of the Colombian National Army, announced at a press conference on Wednesday that the Colombian Army had increased its presence in the region with a contingent of 1,200 soldiers on a mission to strengthen security in the sector, to which another 2,000 elements will be added shortly. The BG Zabala Cardona points out that the eviction of troops is not due to the penetration of Venezuelan military personnel into Colombian territory, but rather to strengthening the control of illegal infiltrations of the refugees from the border.

On Thursday, fighting continued in the sector known as El Ripial, while the Venezuelan media reported the relocation of further reinforcements for the military units deployed since March 15 and showed pictures of armored vehicles on the BTR-80A and Norinco 4×4 VN4 wheels. 6×6 tactical trucks Beiben North Benz 2629 series; 4×4 Emsoven Tiuna and 4×4 Toyota Hilux armed with 7.62 mm FN-MAG machine guns; and Mi-35M2 helicopters of the 716 attack helicopter battalion Cnel Mauricio Encinoso, as well as an indefinite number of troops, as well as members of the FAES unit of the Bolivarian National Police, which could be elements from other states that make up the Integral Defense Zones (ZODI) Los Andes and Los Llanos. (Douglas Bravo Colmenares, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Venezuela)

Photo: Column of military reinforcement BTR-80A and 4×4 Toyota Hilux militarized.

Military reinforcement column 4×4 Emsoven Tiuna, BTR-80A and 4×4 Toyota Hilux militarized.


Subaltern customs of La Victoria destroyed.

Refugees registered by Migracin Colombia.

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