The federal police are investigating the corruption in Infraero, in which Congonhas and Santos Dumont are involved

The Federal Police are today (21) executing arrest warrants against alleged cases of fraud in offers from the Brazilian airport infrastructure company (Infraero).

Congonhas Airport

Research by the PF found that Infraero employees and business people from the tourism and food sectors were involved in the illegal program between 2016 and 2018.

The offers concerned the selection of companies that would occupy the lounge areas and grocery kiosks at Congonhas airports in São Paulo and Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro. Employees are suspected of underestimating areas and disqualifying companies that did not participate in the scam.

According to PF, the offers selected less advantageous proposals for Infraero and caused an estimated loss of R $ 10 million.

The scheme was discovered by Infraero itself in an internal investigation. Suspects are responsible for crimes of criminal organization, corruption, violation of functional secrecy and bidding crimes.

Operation India is executing 19 search and seizure warrants in the federal district and five states (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Bahia, Paraná and Rio Grande do Norte).

By Vitor Abdala from Agência Brasil

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