The ?? Extremadura ?? Brigade XI and Logistics Support Group No. 61 are preparing for their deployment in

The Enhance Foward Presence (eFP) IX contingent, consisting of soldiers from the Brigade (BRI) ?? Extremadura ?? XI and the Logistics Support Group (AALOG) No. 61 of the Logistics Brigade have developed various teaching, instruction and training activities in preparation for their deployment in Latvia next summer. In this way, the last training period of the next contingent began with some “alpha” exercises carried out between April 5th and 9th in the maneuver and shooting range of the base “General Menacho” in Bótoa (Badajoz).

The units participating in this exercise were the Mechanized Tactical Subgroup (SGT), the Engineers Unit (UING), the Logistics Unit (ULOG) and various staff from the multinational headquarters who contributed to the command and control of the exercise.

Both the SGT and the UING will be integrated into the Battle Group (BG) of Latvia, which is led by Canada along with military personnel from seven other nations. The ULOG, in turn, will form the National Support Element (NSE) in Latvia, a unit that has not been relocated and consists of soldiers from BRI XI and AALOG No. 61, who will be responsible for the logistical support that integrates the units into the country have required BG during deployment.

With the staff deployed at the multinational headquarters of the Canadian BG and the Latvian Brigade, a command post has been organized to assist the contingent chief in the management and control of the units during the exercise, as well as in carrying out all the administrative tasks required for the deployment.

It should be noted that the eFP IX mission aims to maintain the deterrent against any aggression against our Baltic allies through a defensive operation and to respond to the commitment to aid between countries within the alliance. This is the third time the BRI ??? Extremadura ?? XI is the base unit that generates the quota for Latvia.


· VCI mission “Pizarro” in Bótoa

· ULOG recovery practice.

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