The European naval operation in the Gulf of Guinea-Noticias

At the beginning of April, a concentration of several European ships in the Gulf of Guinea carried out a series of exercises and naval activities as part of the “Coordinated Maritime Presence” program. of the European Union, which takes place in the waters of West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea.

The participating ships include the Spanish Navy’s most modern patrol ship, the Maritime Action Ship (BAM) ?? Furor ?? (P-46) delivered by Navantia on January 21, 2019.

Deployed on the South Atlantic stage on behalf of the Operations Command (MOPS) of the Spanish Defense Staff (EMAD), the ?? Furor ?? met with several EU ships in the Gulf of Guinea: the amphibious / helicopter carrier of the Marine Nationale ?? Dixmude ?? (L9015); the Italian frigate ?? Luigi Rizzo ?? (F595); and the offshore patrol boat or offshore patrol vessels (OPV) ?? Setúbal ?? (P363), the most modern ship of the Portuguese Marinha (Julio Maíz Sanz).

Photography: In the foreground we see the Italian Luigi Rizzo, in the background the amphibious ship Dixmude. and the Spanish BAM ?? Furor ??.

Photo of a row of ships, from top right to bottom: the Furor ??, the Italian frigate ?? Luigi Rizzo ??, the ?? Dixmude ?? and the OPV ?? Setúbal ??; In addition, two NHIndustries NH90 helicopters fly.

From the flight deck of the ?? Dixmude ?? We can see two NH90s, the Italian frigate Luigi Rizzo and the BAM Furor.

The Italian frigate “Luigi Rizzo” and the two OPVs sail in formation.

Modern IPOs, anger? (left) and that ?? Setubal ??.

In the foreground a very experienced Alouette III helicopter of the French National Navy, which is taking over the flight deck of the Dixmude, in the background the BAM Furor.

From the starboard side of ?? Furor ?? The French amphibian, the Italian frigate and the Portuguese OPV are sailing.

The BAM ?? Furor ?? Accompaniment of the amphibious ship of the Marine Nationale ?? Dixmude ??.

The BAM ?? Furor ??, on your quarterdeck you can see the Italian NH90 of the embarked flight unit of the frigate ?? Luigi Rizzo ??.

The “Furor” in the background is the Portuguese ship “Setubal”.

A Marine Militare NH90 helicopter flies over the BAM ?? Furor ??.

View of the EU naval formation from a great height.

(EMAD photos)

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