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In 1483 a group of Portuguese sailors erected a pillar on a cape off the coast of what is now Angola. This event was the culmination of decades of arduous efforts and expeditions. The Portuguese went to sea to demarcate the borders of Africa and thanks to their bravery and skill they discovered a direct route to India and began the conquest of the Indian Ocean with the ultimate goal of destroying Islam and gaining control of global trade take.

The bloody clashes between the Portuguese and the peoples they met on their travels, the tricks, tricks and adventures of some of the greatest explorers of all time such as Vasco de Gama, Cabral or Alfonso de Albuquerque or the majestic landscape of pike fights on land and at sea between Africans, Asians and Europeans make this book an exciting read and transport the reader into a time of adventure, courage, greed, diplomacy and espionage.

The Endless Sea is a fascinating, essential and timely story that, to the rhythm of a novel, tells how one of the smallest nations in Europe began one of the greatest adventures in history.


Title: The Endless Sea

Author: Roger Crowly

Publisher: Tico de los Libros

Number of pages: 432

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